How To Score Good In Board Examination 2016

Preparation tips for all Board Students:

The Board Exam has told the 7 things for all the students of 10th class & 12th Class Students .So that all the students can better prepare for the upcoming Board exam.So all the Students can use the Following Tips .

Board Exam Preparation tips:

  • Morning study:-Every student should study in the morning because in the morning the Mind is fresh.
  • Eat healthy:This is very important for all students . So every student should take balance diet as fruits,Dairy products, eggs, fresh vegetables.
  • Time management:-Every student should study with the time management that what subject you need to study more time.
  • Conceptual Understanding:-every student should understand the concept of the subject.

CBSE Board 10th Time Table 2016 | CBSE Board 12th Time Table 2016

Class 10th Board Time Table 2016 | 12th Class Time Table 2016

  • Make Notes.:-Every student should self study and make the Notes for the better preparation for the Examination.
  • Sample papers: All the students should check the previous year papers . Then all the students can understand what level of paper, and which type of question will ask in the exam.
  • Do Not Postpone: All students should not postpone the nay good work. So it is necessary for all students.

So all the students who are preparing for the Board Examination.All they should follow these things .

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