Computer Based Online Exam Tips 2017, How to Face CBT Online Exam Tips

Computer Based Online Exam Tips 2017, How to Face CBT Exam Tips: Now the days Computer based exam have become very popular. Students use computers to attempt the exam instead of writing with pen & paper. The Computer based exam is the simplest, which turns the exam from paper to digital format. If  any queries about Computer Based Online Exam Tips 2017 then get the CBT Online Exam Tips from below.

In the Computer Based exam contenders have to give the answers of multiple choice questions by clicking with mouse on the right option instead of filling Bubbles.

Candidates can work by forwards or backwards in the online test, in sequence, just like they do on a standard paper multiple choice test. Computer Based Test is an online exam which also have a particular time limit.  To Attempt higher scores in computer based exams contestants must have to learn how to take a computer based exam.

Computer Based Online Exam Tips 2017:

  • Click on the respective exam link
  • A new page will be open on screen, which requires some information like Username & password (which is given to you for particular exam). Candidates should have to fill all the information by using keyboard in the empty fields.
  • If any of the option appeared to choose a subject or category, select the particular in which you are going to attempt the exam. To select the subject or category you have to click on the box or circle near the choosen subject.
  • A new page will open with exam instructions. Read all the instructions need to be follow carefully. The instructions provide you the details of exam like no of questions , marks of questions, total time given to complete the exam paper etc.
  • After reading all the instructions the contestants must have to click on “Start Exam” button.
  • This click landing to a new page which contains questions with multiple choices of Answers with them.
  • The Time is also shown on the top of the exam paper which displays you the total remaining time to attempt the question paper.
  • To answer a question you have to click on the box or circle before the right choice. There is a button available as Save or Submit below every question. Press the button after attempting a question.
  • Give the answer of the particular question in which you are more sure to attempt easily. Leave the questions which are taking more time and you don’t know the correct answers.
  • All the remaining or Un-attempted questions will be shown in a column with tag “UN Attempted Questions”. Scroll the list to see the questions which you are left.
  • Normally the computer Based exam contains Multiple Choice questions but some time it also contains essay type questions. For the Essay type questions there will be a large box to give the answers.
  • “Next” Button is available below on a question to move on the next questions of exam paper.
  • On the time of attempting last question check the un-attempted question in the previous list
  • At the last page of exam paper there is a button of “Finish”, when you complete all the question press on “Finish” to over the exam.
  • If the contenders doesn’t finish the exam in a given time limit. The Exam is over automatically.

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